Modern Sentiments Push Towards Higher Security at Your Home

In this day and age, control has a lot to do with how people behave. With information, travel, and communication at our fingertips, it is only natural that homeowners’ desire for authority over security is on the rise. And with high-tech security systems consistently becoming more affordable for individual homeowners, now is the best time for protection of all forms to be implemented.

Recent trends in security systems have shown an increase not only in the common protection of the home, but also in the protection of oneself. With identify theft a main concern for individuals living in the United States, many consumers are looking for a way to protect the mail that is delivered to one’s doorstep daily. One manufacturer is even marketing a vault-like mailbox that is impossible to infiltrate by absolutely anyone other than the mailbox owner.

Other out-of-the-box security measures are being taken to secure weapons inside a home. In fact, biometric fingerprint scanner security systems are now being marketed to protect guns, which have been a long-debated security measure in homes where children are present. Fingerprint scanners quiet the fear that anyone but the intended party can get to the gun, including children, other family members, or the intruders themselves.

Home Security Systems

Professionals say that to truly secure a home, three measures should be taken. First, alarms and sensors should be installed in the house, such as a typical home security system. Secondly, perimeter cameras – which in recent years have come increasingly affordable – should be installed on the exterior of the home. And lastly, homeowners should keep valuables and guns inside a secured safe, either biometrically secured or secured with a more traditional lock.

It’s not just other people that modern homeowners are protecting themselves from, though. In recent years several booths at security systems trade shows have showcased systems to fight off smaller and more innocuous intruders: bacteria and mold. Some such tools include battery-powered alarms to alert homeowners when air filters have become dirty and spray compounds to protect the frame of a house from certain bacteria and fungi.

What has lead to the increased attention that homeowners are paying to security of all forms? Some experts suggest that it might be part of the national consciousness in a post-911 mentality. Although individual Americans may not believe that they are in direct dangers of a terrorist attack, the attacks on the nation have created within the public consciousness a sort of “hypersensitivity” to threat of all forms. People would prefer to go above and beyond in protecting themselves than risk even the slightest chance that their security will be breached. At times, the fear of an attack goes far above the likelihood of an attack. However, even if logic tells a homeowner that it’s unlikely he or she will be attacked in certain ways, there is certainly a sentiment of “there’s no such thing as being over prepared” in day-to-day life in 2015.
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