Unlocking the Myths of Access Control Systems

Top-secret codes. Underground vaults. Retina transplants. Hollywood and popular culture depict access control systems as highly complex and futuristic, but the reality is that these most basic of security systems often are quite simple. After all, a padlock on a high school locker is a rudimentary form of access control. While systems in New York involve more than a padlock, finding, installing and maintaining an access control system in the city is less complicated than most movies and television programs would suggest.

Selecting an access control system begins with understanding how the system works. Primarily, access control systems exist to give permission to certain people, and to deny others, access to specific parts of a site, such as an office building, home, store, or government installation. People can be designated for access as individuals or in groups, and different levels of access can be granted to people according to their position and need. For example, perhaps only computer engineers are allowed to access the room that contains their expensive equipment, whereas a janitor may only be allowed to access an office after hours when there is space to clean without disruptions.

The basic principle of access control being understood, it is easy to see how the concept can be extended from simple situations to the most complex scenarios. However, the basic idea remains to limit who gets to go where and when in order to maintain security.

When the time comes to install an access control system in New York City, most customers will find that basic systems use and build from pre-existing door systems and locks, which eliminates the need for comprehensive overhauls and major renovations. That helps to keep prices reasonable, allowing more homeowners and small business owners to achieve the peace of mind that comes from this technology associated with big corporations and government agencies.

Depending on your needs, budget and other preferences, an access control system can be installed on various applications. A free consultation with a professional is recommended, but keep in mind that typical applications include digitally-controlled keypads that use key codes, more advanced magnetic cards that use a card reader, and very sophisticated biometric devices that read thumb prints, scan retinas and identify other body parts. Most popular notions of access control system stem from these high-end applications.

The best part is that once installed, access control systems are among the easiest applications to use in the security playbook. Learning how to operate the systems is easy, and they can be accessed securely from anywhere in the world. The equipment and installation work are guaranteed, and professionals in the security industry stand by ready to help around the clock, during the hours when the worst can happen. But hopefully with an access control system, the worst can be avoided.

Access control systems conjure images of complicated devices that rely on futuristic methods, but the reality of these key security applications is much simpler. Anyone in New York City from an apartment resident to a small business owner can benefit from an access control system, and installation and operation are easier than Hollywood would have you believe.
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