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Access control systems are systems that are designed to restrict access to particular areas or systems. Access control systems can be either physical or electronic.

Electronic access control systems are typically used to enforce network security by limiting who is granted access to particular computer systems. On the other hand, physical access control systems restrict physical access to a literal space. The simplest example of a physical access control system is a locked door.

The size and security issues of a particular space typically dictate what type of access control system it requires. For example, physical access control points are fairly common in residences or even office buildings. However, in particularly secure areas with a building, a secondary access point may exist.

In recent years, physical access control systems and electronic access control systems have begun to be integrated. Electronic use at physical access control points, such as swiping a magnetic card through an electronic console, is becoming increasingly popular. This type of system has long been used by hotels and is also used by many public transportation systems, banks, and others. In highly secure areas such as government offices or laboratories, electronic card readers also act as personnel tracking devices.

Electronic systems allow for administrators to track who goes where and when. They also allow for access to be changed or denied rather easily. So, in a particularly secure area, if an employee were to leave his or her employment on poor terms and not return his or her key, the key could simply be deactivated from a computer. This is a huge benefit for companies that cannot risk having a disgruntled employee gaining access to a secure space.

Companies that are considering the installation of such systems should first consider what types of requirements their specific space has. How many people on a daily basis need access to each area? How many areas need to be restricted to some people but open to others? How much of a risk is a security breach, and how dramatic would the result of one be?

Many companies opt for what is called tiered access. In a tiered access system, all employees would have access to the main office space, for example. However, within that space, several sub categories of spaces would exist. A laboratory may exist within the office, for example, or there may be a computer room where confidential files are kept. In this instance, only employees who were granted access to the lab or the computer room would be allowed in those spaces. This helps to save costs by not requiring separate buildings for different operations within the same company. In a smaller company, of course, one key that opens the main workspace would suffice.

Types of security systems are always motivated by the size and needs of a company. If you are considering installing such systems for your company, be sure to evaluate your specific needs and consult a professional for help.
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