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In recent months, a great deal of press has been generated around the concept of school safety, school security, and security procedures within schools. School has long been thought of as a place where students should feel safe, and where their health and wellbeing should be first and foremost on the minds of administrators. In recent years and months, it has become apparent that to keep schools safe in this day and age, advanced measures must be taken to ensure safety and security in American schools.

CCTV Cameras Systems for Schools

One of the most common forms of school security systems either already installed in or being implemented in schools is what is known as CCTV, or closed circuit television. CCTV is a common form of surveillance in many different settings because it is extremely useful in a variety of situations.

To put CCTV cameras into focus within a school setting, consider that a school has many moving parts. At any given time of the day, there could be up to thousands of students, teachers, parents, and administrators within or moving about the building. At particular times of the day such as arrival and dismissal, all of these people are coming and going. Although schools have long taken measures to monitor these students via paid personnel (hall monitors), cameras take hall monitoring a step further by recording the comings and goings of each student. In this instance, this isn’t just about catching intruders or people with malicious intentions. CCTV cameras can also provide insight should a child wander off or go missing.

CCTVs at schools are also useful in monitoring non life threatening but nevertheless upsetting incidences, such as school vandalism. School vandalism is common, costly, and works to diminish morale within the school community. Visible cameras on the exterior of a school help to curb the incidence of vandalism in the first place. Further, when vandalism does occur, it’s much easier to discern who committed the crime when CCTV recordings are present.

Finally, CCTV also provides an opportunity for monitoring remotely. This is a popular feature for those who monitor sensitive spaces that are either far away or are unoccupied frequently. However, this can also be a great feature in a school. Remote monitoring allows a group of individuals who are not actually inside the school to monitor the exterior of the school. Therefore, should any danger arise or should any individuals who do not belong on the premises arrive, a remote viewer could make the school aware in a matter of seconds with one simple phone call. This could do wonders to help those inside a school building prepare themselves to handle a situation that is about to arise.

As technology has advanced, so has image quality and data storage. Although there was a time when security footage was unclear, that day has long since passed. Most modern CCTV systems record straight onto a digital device such as a DVR, which has the capacity to store large amounts of data at one time. This allows for sharper image quality and more hours of footage.
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