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Security cameras can do a lot to secure a space. First and foremost, security cameras record or provide a video feed of activity in a particular area. Security cameras can also act as a major deterrent for would-be criminals. The mere presence of the security camera makes a vandal or intruder too afraid to enter the space for fear of being caught.

There are wide ranges of security cameras available on the market today. From very high-end models employed by major organizations such as the army to smaller systems used in small shops or in homes, there is a security camera available to fit almost any need.

If you are considering installing a security camera in your home, shop, or office space, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the types of security cameras available on the market, how they functions, and what their capabilities include.

One of the most popular forms of security camera on the market today is the wireless security camera. Like most wireless devices, a wireless security camera works using a receiver and a transmitter. Because they do not need to be attached to anything, wireless cameras have very flexible uses. They can be placed practically anywhere and can be set up to send images either to a computer or a recording device. However, like all wireless devices, wireless security cameras are susceptible to interference from other wireless devices in range. With cell phones as common as they are, an area that must be highly secure may not be the right place for a wireless security camera.

Most other forms of security cameras are wired

Network cameras are hooked up to an IP network with a computer. These cameras capture analog images and then transform them to digital images that are streamed into the computer via a cable. Network cameras can also send a live feed via the internet.

Infrared cameras, or night vision cameras, have the capability to capture images in darkness. These are particularly good for spaces that are not occupied in the evening or that need protection through the night. Infrared cameras function by using an infrared LED light, which is invisible to the human eye, on the outer lens of the camera. This infrared light allows the camera to capture an image without the presence of another light source. This type of camera is frequently utilized by the military to track insurgents from a distance. Similarly, day/night cameras can be used in areas that have poor lighting because of their ability to record images even when it is not light outside.

Dome cameras are a fairly popular type of security camera that can be found in many public spaces such as stores or malls. In this type of security camera, the camera itself is contained inside a protective dome. The dome not only prevents damage to the camera from weather and vandals, but it also shields the lens from view so that those being surveyed are not aware of where the camera is pointing.
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