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An intercom is a communication system that allows for communication across spaces. Commonly, intercoms bridge gaps between spaces within a structure or between the outside and inside of a structure. They allow people to communicate throughout a building and they also allow visitors to be identified before they are permitted to enter a building or space.

Different spaces have different needs for an intercom. While some spaces require that an intercom assist with secure entry points, others simply need to allow for simple communication from space to space. Therefore, before purchasing an intercom for a residence or office space, it is a good idea to get to know the types of intercoms available as well as their various specific functions.

Wireless intercoms transmit intercom signals using radio frequencies. The wireless intercom system is considered the least expensive type of intercom because it does not require an extensive installation process. In fact, most wireless intercom systems do not require any installation – they simply work as manufactured. However, because the wireless intercom system relies on radio frequency transmission, depending on its location, it can pick up interference from other such systems.

The hardwired intercom may also be called a “wired intercom”. Because hardwired intercoms are wired into a building, they are typically installed at the time of construction of the structure. Therefore, the wires of the intercom are hidden from plain view within the building. Because of the expertise and work required to install a hardwired intercom, the installation of them tends to be rather expensive. However, unlike the wireless intercom, the hardwired intercom is not readily susceptible to interference. In fact, the hardwired intercom produces a very strong quality of audio.

Another type of intercom is the carrier-current intercom. A carrier-current intercom is connected to the AC electrical system of a building. The electrical system powers the carrier-current intercom to make medium frequency AM signals. The quality of the audio created through a carrier-current system is considered subpar to that of a hardwired system, however, it is certainly functional.

Finally, another type of intercom is the automatic gate entry intercom. An automatic gate entry intercom facilitates an individual entering a secure space without another person physically opening the door or gate for them. These types of intercoms are very popular in big residential or office buildings. When a visitor arrives at the building, he or she alerts the resident of his or her presence by pressing a button, much like a doorbell. The receiving party may then respond and ask the visitor, through the intercom, to identify him or herself. With the visitor’s identity confirmed, the resident may push a button and unlock the main door of the building.

Intercoms can be a great addition to an office or residential building. They allow for enhanced security as well as enhanced productivity. Because an intercom allows for someone to communicate within a building without actually leaving his or her own workspace, time is ultimately saved by the presence of the intercom.
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