Nursing Home Security Systems

Although it might seem at first glance that a senior housing complex is not exactly a bevy of crime or criminal activity, most nursing homes do embrace a fairly strict security atmosphere.

In some instances, homes for senior citizens need to work to make sure that those visiting the premises are guests of residents that are meant to be present in the space. In other instances such as in assisted living or nursing homes, the home needs to make sure that nursing personnel are aware of the whereabouts of residents. Due to issues that affect the populous in nursing homes such as dementia and other ailments that affect the brain, it is possible for a resident to get lost or to travel outside of the bounds where he or she is supposed to be.

For the reasons stated above, it is important to most nursing homes to have several levels of security and surveillance in place on the premises. Much like college dormitories, most nursing homes and residences for the elderly have an access control system in place. This is sometimes two-fold, with the first layer of security involving proving one’s identity to a security guard upon arrival to the property. The next level of security is access to the residential building itself. In independent living senior housing complexes, this often involves the use of a key, key fob, or credential card. In nursing homes, this means speaking to another security guard.

It comes as no surprise that as access control technology advances, so too are the types of technologies employed at senior housing complexes and in nursing homes. Some senior housing complexes have actually embraced the use of biometric technology. When using biometric technology for access control, a reader either confirms the fingerprint, voice, or actual facial structure of a resident. Biometric access control systems are considered the highest quality of security systems and are therefore often associated with extremely sensitive areas such as government offices and labs.

Access control technology - biometric and otherwise - is in most cases combined with video surveillance and other video-related technologies at senior living complexes and in nursing homes. Video surveillance is of assistance in confirming there whereabouts of a resident. It is also very useful in determining when a particular individual entered a complex and where, should a problem arise with the presence of an individual who is not supposed to be within the residence.

Video concierge services are also making their way to senior citizen living complexes and nursing homes. Video concierge services are basically real, live people who work out of a control room offsite from a location. If a resident has difficulty entering a space or if a guest arrives and needs to gain access to a building, the video concierge personnel can discuss and handle the situation via video from a remote location. As video and internet technology make remote communication clearer and more possible, this is becoming a popular practice in many residential areas including apartment buildings and senior homes.
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