Office Intercom Systems

Intercom systems, which allow for communication between spaces that are separated by distance or walls, are very common especially in large office buildings. Because they allow for ease of communication and therefore increase both productivity and security, they are a top choice for many business owners in New York City, where buildings are especially large and businesses are often separated across floors and by elevators.

Because of the popularity of intercom systems, a large number of newer office buildings are being equipped with intercom systems, or at least the wiring for intercom systems, at the time of construction. However, in many large city buildings, the construction is old, and an intercom system may not be present. If this is the case, depending on the needs of your business, you may decide to install an intercom system to improve the security and productivity of your office space.

office intercom systems
Because there are a wide variety of intercom systems available, it’s important to be aware of what needs your specific business has that an intercom system will assist. What kind of communication does your space and the work you do in it necessitate? Do you need a fully wired intercom system, or would a good phone system with paging be a better fit for your office? Many modern phone systems offer external paging technology, which allows for a staff to be reached even when away from his or desk, and phone systems generally allow for streamlined communication between office units.

For some offices, phone intercom systems can take care of much of the functionality we generally associate with intercom systems. However, in reality, many spaces in New York City do necessitate a full intercom system. If this is the case for your business, there is a wide range of commercial intercom systems available to you and your company, with a variety of functions.

Office intercom systems come in two major categorizations – wired intercom systems, and wireless intercom systems. Wired and wireless intercom systems come with a selection of features that improve office productivity such as room-to-room messaging, paging. Intercom systems also give administrators the ability to deliver one message, such as a meeting announcement or emergency announcement, to the entire office and across buildings.

Intercom systems also offer improvements in security of a building or space, many of which offering door entry devices. With a door entry device, workers and administrators within the building are able to restrict access to the building – or to a specific part of the building - by requiring each visitor to announce his or herself verbally before being granted access. This not only eliminates the need for workers to leave their workspaces and go downstairs to the lobby to verify the identify of each visitor, but it also allows workers to stay out of harm’s way and away from confrontation should a visitor have poor intentions.

Intercom systems are an excellent choice for offices and businesses of varying sizes due to their streamlined effects on both productivity and security.
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