Security Solutions For Property Management Companies

Vertex works with leading property management companies in New York to plan and install customized security systems for commercial and residential buildings.

We give you full control over the security of your buildings, with advanced security systems, which can include door entry systems, security cameras, and alarm systems.

Vertex is a leading security company in New York. When you work with us, the first stage is an initial consultation, which allows us to discuss your requirements and understand your security needs.

Security Services For Property Managers

property management If your organization works in the building management service, then you know how important and sensitive the security and safety is in the buildings you manage. We work closely as partners with property managers, in order to provide the most effective security measures for commercial and residential buildings.

Proper security ensures the safety of the residents, business owners, and customers in your property, as well as the equipment and facilities contained within.

To protect possessions from theft and damage, the building from vandalism and forced entry, and the people from danger, we need to design a security system that considers all the needs and concerns of you and your clients.

We highly recommended that all of our clients design a security system, which includes the installation of door entry systems (with cards or fobs), video intercom system, an access control system, alarm system and wireless camera system – to give optimal security in the building.

Property Management Security Solutions

Vertex Security plan, install, repair, and maintain security systems for property management companies in New York. We begin by making a site plan layout, and carry out a risk assessment in order to develop a solid security plan that is totally unique to your building's needs.

Once agreed, we can install security systems, including:
  • Keyed or keyless entry systems for maximum security.
  • Video / Audio intercom systems with app and remote control.
  • Web-based access control systems with full remote via your smartphone, tablet or PC.
  • Alarm system with monitoring and alerts system.
  • Security wireless cameras systems and surveillance (CCTV) systems.

Vertex Security For Complete Property Security

If you are responsible for the management of a commercial or residential building in New York, Vertex can help you with all your security needs. We work with the latest security technologies and the finest brands and equipment on the market, in order to design and implement a perfect security plan that is tailored to your exact requirements.

We provide free on-site consultations to understand your specific needs CONTACT US TODAY

CONTACT US Please contact us for quotation or support. Our security consultants will help you design the right security solution.

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