Protect Your Home or Business with a Biometric Access Control System and CCTV System

With many unscrupulous individuals readily able to access information concerning the compromising of computer-based security systems, protecting your home or business from such people becomes all that much more vital.

As new devices are constantly introduced into the world of microchip security methods, hackers also continuously find ways in which to break into these processes. However, updating your security measures with a biometric access control or closed-circuit television system (CCTV) is one of the most fool-proof and cost effective methods to implement against technologically-savvy criminals of today.

How biometric access control system work?

A biometric access control system scans the biological information about an individual who is attempting to access a building, computer network or other information system that is restricted. Biological data applies to external features, such as retinal configuration, fingerprints, DNA and other aspects identifying someone as who they are really are. Since components such as DNA and fingerprint whorls are totally unique to each individual, these make for exact and unchanging elements concerning the identification of any single person.

A biometric access control system authenticates someone by examining a smart card already carrying preloaded data regarding a person's DNA or retinal pattern, which it then matches to data existing in programmable microchips. If that person's external characteristics fails to meet the biometric system's information, that individual is immediately denied access to wherever or whatever they were attempting to infiltrate.

Most people think that only governmental intelligence agencies utilize biometric control systems but in highly populated areas such as Manhattan and New York City where crime and terrorism are every day occurrences, use of this advanced security system is rapidly spreading to businesses and residences. As a highly affordable and 100% guaranteed security system, biometric access control systems represent the next step in flawlessly protecting your business, home and family from unwanted, sometimes dangerous intruders.

What is CCTV?

CCTV, or closed circuit television security system is a monitoring device meant to continuously scan the internal and external areas of a building and its existing perimeters. More affordable and reliable than hiring security guards, CCTV maintains close observation of areas where manual guarding cannot be accomplished for one reason or another. With a CCTV, images are captured and transmitted to off-site monitors, where they can be viewed at that time or recorded for later viewing. Representing an timely and accurate method for revealing the presence of anyone who should not be within a particular area, CCTV implementation is an excellent method with which to deter potential criminal activity.

Benefits of CCTV

  • Any establishment can utilize CCTV--banks, schools, hospitals and homes
  • Effectively monitors any public access area without unnecessary expenditures, such as chain-link fences
  • CCTV monitors can be any size with the ability to be implanted anywhere surveillance is necessary
  • CCTV systems provide clear pictures of perpetrators for easy identification by law enforcement
In addition, businesses and residences which install CCTV systems usually experience a reduction in insurance premiums due to the usage of an extremely reliable security system.
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