Proximity Card Access Control System

A sibling of the magnetic security card system, the proximity card access control system is growing in popularity in many urban areas, including New York City. Because of their unobtrusive appearance and ease of use, proximity card readers are used in a variety of spaces including office buildings and residential areas.

Proximity Card Readers

Proximity card readers function by reading the information contained on a magnetic strip on a card once the card is within range. This is different from a traditional magnetic card reader because it does not require the card to actually be swiped; the proximity card reader simply requires that the card be in a specified range of the reader in order for access to be granted.

Proximity card readers are actually capable of being hidden within an access control point, thus not allowing passersby to know how the space is actually secured. When a cardholder approaches the door, the reader is able to read the information without the card being physically presented. Because they may be hidden away from the viewing range of passersby or potential intruders, proximity card readers do not present their location to the outside world. This makes this type of security system much more difficult to breach.

The best choice of building managers!

The proximity card reader is preferred by building managers for many reasons, one of which is ease of use for the people who are granted access to the space. When approaching a proximity card reader, in most cases the person entering the space does not need to search through his or her belongings in order to find the card so as to swipe in. Instead, the card is read through the person’s pocket. This alleviates the need to put down equipment, search through belongings, or spend more time outside than one needs to.

The architecture in many beautiful old buildings makes building managers apprehensive about adding technology to the space that looks too new. The convergence of old and new, in the opinion of many, tarnishes the historical beauty of the space. This is a major reason that many owners of such buildings are now opting for proximity card readers. The card reader may be seamlessly hidden and worked into the existing space. Thus, exciting new technology is being utilized in the building without compromising its natural beauty.

Traditional Magnetic Access Control and Proximity Access Control

Of course, a sister to the traditional magnetic access control card, proximity cards have all of the same advantages that magnetic cards do. Because they can be reprogrammed remotely and with ease, maintenance of these systems is easy for manager and user alike. Magnetic card systems are considered much more fluid and secure than traditional lock and key systems because they do not come with the stress of a lost key resulting in a potential breach of security or the need to change every single lock in the building. Should a key be lost, the manager simply deprograms or deactivates that particular key. Then, the business is free to move forward without any added hassle.

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