What’s Hot in Security Technology Now and In the Months Ahead

Despite sweeping changes in security technology across the decades, the basic idea always remains the same: to protect a home, business or other community institution from a threat that could cause harm. How this goal is accomplished depends a lot on the pace of new technological developments and the preferences of the era. As the world approaches 2015, take advantage of new trends in business and home security in order to stay ahead of criminals, thieves and other people with bad intentions.

On the government and public fronts, the video security market continues to be hot in 2014 and beyond because of ongoing needs for surveillance to stop terrorism threats. The trend shows a move from analogue CCTV systems to more sophisticated network-based IP video solutions that include integrated analytics for greater flexibility and security. In contrast to the fairly basic functions of CCTV systems, IP video solutions use network-based software that can manage large amounts of video across networks. This change allows organizations to move and share video more easily, where speed and efficiency are key concerns in the terrorism age. Integrated video analytics allow organizations to decipher massive amounts of information by determining patterns that may indicate a security threat. The analysis makes sense of all the video collected and moved with ease on the network.

For businesses, improved video analytics will continue to help increase efficiency and profits. The enhanced analysis capabilities allow a business to identify patterns in consumer behavior, which can lead to important decisions. Imagine being able to pinpoint the times that require the most staffing, the outcome of in-store promotions, or the usefulness of a store layout. Video analytics in this way will continue to improve the customer experience while helping businesses grow and elevate their reputations for service.

At home in 2015 and beyond, security customers will demand solutions that give them greater control over their busy lives. In addition, environmentally friendly solutions will continue to be popular, along with basic solutions that acknowledge the strained budgets of many American households. One initiative that combines many of these demands is an appliance control system, which provides a centralized way to manage every electrical appliance in the home through a connection to a central control that regulates activities on a schedule. The point is to make life easier and to save energy and lower costs, but one strong added benefit could be to make the home look occupied with lights and other appliances on, even when the homeowner is not there. With appliance control, homeowners need not worry if they left on the TV. It can shut itself off, and be monitored with cameras remotely, a perfect trend for the busy life.

Even as technology advances, it remains important to keep the basics of security in mind, particularly in an age of economic worry. Sometimes, the most affordable solutions, like quality doors and locks, are still the best options, especially for homes and smaller businesses. What good are sophisticated solutions like a thief can just open the door and walk into the house? Some other options that remain popular are motion-detector lights for the yard. Nothing deters a burglar like a sudden onslaught of bright lights. Landscaping can also deter a thief, if done in a way that makes the yard appear difficult to traverse. That option included the added benefit of being green.

The more security changes, the more it stays the same because costumers always want protection as their bottom line. In the year ahead, look for more advances in network-based IP video solutions to replace analog CCTV systems, and solutions like appliance control that give homeowners more power. Flexibility, being green and finding good value are the name of the game as 2015 dawns.
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