Residential Surveillance Systems

Today, the majority of condominium and apartment associations in New York City are choosing to protect their communities with camera surveillance systems. Due to a variety of outdoor areas complementing these types of multi-family communities (pools, gatehouses, tennis courts, playgrounds, etc.), problems with using a cabled security system, or one that needs wires, are too numerous to exist as an affordable and practical method of preventing criminal activity.

Fortunately, high-tech wireless security cameras are easily installed, maintained and provide superlative security measures for everyone living in the community.

Wireless security is available using IP cameras (internet-based) or closed-circuit television cameras. Accessing one or more cameras via the Internet or through a local area network (LAN) is also achievable. Security systems employing analog security cameras or CCTVs are considered the most affordable solution if a residential community has many remote or difficult to reach areas in which security cameras are needed.

Managers and owners of New York City apartment complexes, condominiums and other residential communities will find several, high quality wireless surveillance systems available through Vertex Security. For pool, clubhouse and tennis courts, weatherproof "dome" cameras supply the superiority of infrared imaging for both night and day surveillance. In addition to being vandal-proof, these cameras capture images as far away as 80 feet, even when it is dark. Adjustable lenses allow view fields to be set at precise angles, maximally enhancing security and substantially reducing the risk of property or residents suffering from criminal activity.

Outdoor wireless surveillance cameras should also be placed at the entrance of every residential community. Also weatherproof and equipped with infrared capability, these IP cameras provide high resolution scanning capable of capturing images over 100 feet away. Moreover, some outdoor wireless cameras are smartphone compatible, allowing managers to access real-time security camera images using an iPhone application.

Other features of outdoor IP surveillance cameras include:
  • Simultaneous JPEG/MPEG-4 image streaming
  • Two-way audio (synchronized)
  • Digital output/input port for outside sensor and alarm
  • Password protection
  • Smooth streaming of images via video buffer
  • Equipped with motion detectors
  • Recording and playback ability
With crime rates remaining high, especially theft and property crime, owners of residential communities cannot afford to allow criminals to take advantage of the vulnerability of unprotected properties. In addition, renters are more attracted to places where security is taken seriously and appropriate steps are implemented to provide for the safety of all residents.

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