Security Systems Functions

Security systems are an important part of home and business management. Although many homes and commercial areas that have high security needs will have employees dedicated to security, such as guards and doormen, it is still necessary to have electronic monitoring systems integrated into the space to ensure security.

Security systems come with a wide range of functions. It is wise to be aware of all of the functions that are available for such systems before deciding which systems are most appropriate for you.

Below is information on many of the functions that are available in security systems. Evaluating which of these functions is necessary for your space will help you to make the best decisions for your home or office.

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring is a popular function in security systems. With environmental monitoring, you can be made aware of any change in the physical conditions of your space. For example, should a warehouse’s heat increase significantly, threatening your stock of goods, an alarm will be triggered so that you can deal with the problem before any damage occurs. This is an incredibly useful feature for areas where sensitive materials or large amounts of stock are being stored.

Fire Alarms

Fire alarms, similar to environmental monitoring, will alert you should fire or smoke be present in a space. With remote monitoring via the internet, which can be accessed via computers and many mobile devices, you may be made aware of a fire in a warehouse or office while you are offsite. In this case, authorities may be notified immediately when a problem arises, thus decreasing the chance that a fire will get out of hand or will go long enough to completely destroy the property.

Visual monitoring via closed circuit televisions have long been a tactic in security monitoring. However, new technologies have lead to the development of web-based systems where a space may be visually monitored remotely. From just about anywhere on earth, as long as there is internet access, a user may view a space and monitor any actions within the space.

Verbal Communication

Verbal communication is also a popular feature of security systems. Phones within a building and its elevators that are hooked up to one central system allow for security personnel to quickly make contact with headquarters.

Most security systems involve the following procedures:

  • Verification: if an alarm is tripped accidentally, a user has the opportunity to enter a code to verify that he or she is an authorized user.
  • Direct contact: alarm systems are typically wired to make direct contact with police departments, fire departments, and other officials. If the alarm is tripped, officials are notified within seconds and are therefore able to react immediately.
  • Contact with owners: in addition to notifying officials, security systems should also be wired to get in touch with business or home owners immediately should there be an issue in the space.
  • Follow-up: the security system will follow up with officials and owners following an incident to ensure that everything has been handled properly.
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