Choosing the Right Video Intercom System for Your Home

With technology becoming more and more a part of everyday life, many families are opting for technology systems that in past years may have seemed out of reach. The ubiquity of technology systems is largely driven by a decreasing cost for such systems due to an increase in the availability of affordable solutions. One type of home system that has seen an increase due to the availability of affordable options is the home video intercom system.

A home video intercom system is a security device that allows a homeowner to see visitors that have arrived at the home before granting them access.

Video intercom systems are closed circuit systems that allow for monitoring individuals through a screen. As home systems become more popular, many systems also include a microphone agent that allows an individually to verbally communicate with a visitor while visually observing him or her. Video surveillance packages come in wide ranges. Some packages will include all features including a camera and microphone, where others will require one to purchase each element separately.

Video intercom systems are often used either in conjunction with or in place of a video surveillance system. Of course, there are many different types of surveillance cameras on the market, each serving its own purpose and function in the market. For example, if a very small space were to be observed, a stationary camera that only shoots what is directly in front of it would be suitable. For a larger space or an area where people may move in and out of the space and require observation, a camera with a mobile tracking mechanism may be more appropriate. Another solution still includes cameras that have the capability to pan and tilt based on mobile controls. If you are intending to use an intercom system in cooperation with or in place of a video surveillance system, considerations of the space and level of security necessary should be made when deciding what type of system to invest in.

There are many common uses for video intercom systems. Logically, the most common use is as a means of identifying an individual at a point of entry to a residence or office building. In larger estates, video intercom systems are often placed at the entrance of a motorized gate, requiring a visitor to be visually identified before even being allowed on the property. A less typical but equally useful way to use a video intercom system is to install it in a nursery or child’s bedroom. This allows a parent to keep an eye on the child while he or she is sleeping without necessitating that the parent be in the room physically.

If you are considering a video intercom system for your space, it is important to take into account how you intend to use the device, as this will impact what type of device you purchase and also where it is installed. If you are unsure, contact a professional for advice and guidance.
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