Security Cameras: Types and Installation

The individual needs for consumers who desire a security camera are far-reaching and varied. Therefore, for anyone who is considering buying a security camera as part of their overall security system, it is important to understand the different types of security cameras that are on the market as well as the functions of each. An understanding of the variety of options available will assist a consumer in making an educated decision and will help him or her pick the security camera that will best fit his or her needs.

Wireless and Wired Security Cameras

Like most technology in this day and age, security cameras come in two forms: wired, and wireless. Depending on where the camera is to be placed and what the essential function of the camera will be, either of these options may be suitable. Wired cameras typically have higher resolution video streams. However, wired cameras are more difficult to install and, due to their being rooted in the location they are installed in, they are more difficult to conceal.

On the contrary, wireless cameras have mobility and are therefore thought to be a more flexible option. However because with a wireless camera the information is transmitted through the airwaves, a host of potential problems exist with wireless cameras. For example, should another wireless device be in use, such as a cordless phone or baby monitor, the secondary device can potentially interfere with the wireless camera. Additionally, there is a slight possibility that the wireless feed could be intercepted by an outside party. If, for example, someone were able to tap into a home security system feed and discern that an individual was not at his or her residence, the purpose of having a security system would be defeated. Therefore, for home security purposes, wired cameras may be a better option. Alternatively, some wireless providers are able to encrypt wireless feeds so that they may not be accessed by outside sources.

Again, depending on the purpose of the camera, size may be an issue. If the decision to install a larger camera is made, the camera will be visible to those who are under surveillance. Therefore, if a consumer wants the fact that he or she is watching a specific area or specific parties, a smaller camera must be purchased. If for example a consumer wants a hidden camera, he or she will have to buy a specialized device that can be concealed within a typical household item such as a clock, cabinet, or even an intercom system.

Installation of Security Cameras

When installing a video surveillance camera, it’s very important to consider where the lens is going to be pointed. You want to make sure that the proper area is visible and in focus. Further, the camera must be mounted properly; otherwise there is a risk of motion, which results in a distorted image. Additionally, since an outdoor camera is going to be exposed to the elements, weatherproofing measures should be taken for any camera that is going to be in an outdoor space.

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