Types of Outdoor Surveillance Cameras

Many homeowners and business property owners today are seeking the best and most advanced methods of home and business security. A longtime favorite that continues to grow in its technological expanse is the outdoor surveillance camera.

In fact, some believe that the mere presence of an outdoor surveillance camera assists in deterring crime. If a would-be thief spots a camera and is therefore made aware he or she will be recorded in the act, many will avoid the home entirely. It’s rare that a person committing a crime wants to be recorded, after all.

For those seeking an outdoor surveillance camera for their home or business security needs, a variety of types of cameras exist:

Wireless Security Cameras

A result of one of the more recent trends in security and surveillance, wireless security cameras can be affixed to any location outdoors as long as a radio signal is available. Consumers who often want to change the location or height of the camera are drawn to wireless cameras because they come with an ease of mobility. The technology associated with wireless cameras continues to grow and improve and predictions show that these types of cameras will soon be able to transmit a feed to a computer across any distance. One potential drawback to wireless security cameras is the possibility of interference from another wireless device such as Internet routers, baby monitors, or cordless phones. The price range for a wireless camera is anywhere between $100 and $800, depending on the specific features of the camera purchased.

Dome Style Cameras

Due to its compact size, the dome style camera is a popular choice for outdoor surveillance. The small builds of dome cameras make them easier to conceal than other options, and therefore they are a top choice for those seeking hidden camera setups. As with many cameras, dome cameras have a range of pricing and functionality, varying in range of motion and resolution. Dome cameras generally come with anti-vandalism features. The price of a dome style camera can range anywhere from $100 to $800.

Bullet Style Cameras

Bullet style cameras are generally affixed to an outdoor surface and are usually very visible to an intruder. This is a perfect camera for users who want the person being surveyed to be well aware he or she is on camera. Depending on the needs of the users, more expensive models of bullet style cameras that have night vision are available. The price of a bullet style camera can range anywhere from $50 to $350 for more advanced models.

For anyone considering implementing surveillance cameras as a mode of security, the range of distance, energy consumption based on transmitter frequency, video quality and resolution, motion sensor features, and exterior features should be considered.

Security cameras come with a host of benefits, the biggest of which is the peace of mind that consumers have knowing that their property is being protected around the clock. Additionally, for homeowners, video surveillance often comes with a discount on either homeowners or renters insurance policies.
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