Video Surveillance Systems

A video surveillance system is a system of cameras that record and relay information to a security company for surveillance purposes. Unlike a singular security camera, a surveillance system is a networked system of cameras that is overseen by a security company to ensure security across a space.

The intricacy of the security system that is required depends on the security needs of the space that is being protected. Logically, a small office with only a few separate spaces within it will require a less intricate system than a mall or a hotel, where individual spaces are copious.

Security systems are available for indoor use, outdoor use, or a combination of the two where necessary. It is important that the home or business owner who is purchasing the system be aware of the individual needs of his or her space. In almost all cases, the security system will be tailored to specific needs. This level of customization means that security systems are not “one size fits all” and instead are something that changes in its capabilities space to space.

Regardless of the size of the system, though, most systems will include cameras, a VMS or an NVR, as well as additional accessories including Cat5e cables and PoE switches. Most systems involve a contract with a security company, which provides wired or wireless surveillance. Today, many systems are cloud based, meaning that the data that is collected by the surveillance system is available via a cloud server that can be accessed from any computer given that the proper credentials are presented.

Just as surveillance systems come in a wide range of capabilities, they also come in a range of appearances. While some home and business owners want a person who is being watched to be aware of the camera, others would prefer that the cameras be hidden so that behavior is not changed due to their presence. Bullet, cube, and dome cameras are all commonly available from most surveillance system providers.

It may relieve owners of growing business to know that in most cases, video surveillance systems can be built upon. If your current needs only dictate one or two cameras but you know that in the future you’ll need more, it’s likely not necessary that you purchase your future needs up front now. Instead, you can work with your security professional to enhance the system’s capabilities as the need arises.

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When it comes to deciding what type of security system you need for your home or business, the best thing you can do is consult with a security professional who can advise you on what various systems can do for you.

Security professionals know the ins and outs of how to protect a space, what a space needs to be protected against, and what types of systems will best suit the individual needs of each home or business owner. Talking to someone will not only put you at ease, but it will also help you to make the best decisions for your particular space.
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