Benefits of Video Surveillance for Bars and Restaurants

Service industries like nightclubs, bars and restaurants of any kind remain more vulnerable to criminal activity due to high employee turnover, instances of employee theft and ease of access with which thieves have to gaining entrance and stealing money.

Bars and restaurants operating in urban areas like NYC are especially vulnerable to opportunistic criminals seeking quick cash and easy getaways from establishments that do not use video surveillance systems. In addition, restaurant and bar employers short on help often hire people before performing a proper background check. Quite a few of these people make a living out of working for service sector businesses just for the sole purpose of robbing them and moving on to the next place of employment.

Advantages of Protecting Your Business with a Video Surveillance System

  • Having an image of the perpetrator (s) face (s) is the perfect way to facilitate the capture, arrest and conviction of those trying steal what is rightfully yours.
  • Would-be criminals who notice an establishment is protected by a video surveillance system will quickly move on and find a more vulnerable business from which to steal.
  • Bars equipped with video surveillance will see a reduction in the number of fights occurring during peak hours, especially once word gets around that people instigating fights in that particular bar are readily identifiable through video capture and will be persecuted by the club.
  • IP video cameras that can be integrated with your business' computer network are much easier to install than analog CCTV systems and also facilitates moving cameras around to avoid detection.
  • Remote surveillance cameras allows restaurant managers and bar owners to view what is happening at their place of business wherever they have access to the internet. For owners of multiple bars and restaurants, the ability to observe all their businesses simultaneously is a an excellent and affordable way to save time as well as the integrity of your investments.
  • Restaurants that suffer higher than average "eat and run" incidences involving customers who do not pay their tab will find this amount rapidly decreasing after installing video surveillance cameras.

Where to Place Video Cameras

By installing surveillance cameras in dining areas, kitchens, near cash registers, exits and entrances, restaurant and bar owners will be protecting customers, effectively monitor employee activities to avoid theft and compromise of health codes and experience an increase in profits that comes from providing customers with a secure place in which to dine, drink and enjoy what your business has to offer them.
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