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More and more apartment buildings, hotels and condominiums in the New York City area are choosing to implement a virtual front door to take care of the entrance to the building. Residents of these places also seem to prefer having a virtual doorway because of the convenience and safety benefits it provides. In addition, monthly maintenance fees charged to tenants are also reduced because of the reduced expense in implementing a virtual concierge rather than hiring a flesh and blood doorman.

Other residents mention that they like having packages accepted when they are not physically there to accept them. Individuals living in a NYC apartment building also love that fact that the virtual front door even accepts grocery orders, dry-cleaning and other items that residents tend to order rather than purchase in person. Further, this invisible doorman never has to leave his post, thereby providing security for the building 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Cost of operating a virtual doorway is only about $1 or $2 a day and efficiently secures a building by placement of video cameras on the outside as well as the inside of the apartment or condo. Cameras constantly monitor the lobby, passageways and the package room by transmitting real-time image to remote live operators who speak to residents as they enter the building. Residents choose to interact with the virtual concierge by using a key fob to unlock the entrance door or talking to the doorman by utilizing a speaker installed into a wall panel.

Delivery people drop off packages by pushing buttons on the panel and talking to the virtual front door who provides the individual with instructions concerning how to get to the package room. As the delivery person takes the package to this room, the virtual doorway watches him (or her) as drops the package off and leaves the building. If anyone entering the building were to begin acting suspiciously, the remote virtual front dooris able to immediately call the police.

Many people find this to be a greater deterrent to crime than having a real doorman guarding a building simply because a human doorman can be overtaken by a criminal within seconds. However, with the clear and accurate eye of a virtual concierge transmitting and recording undeniable images of someone committing a crime, the chances of a thug completing a crime is slim to none, especially when he realizes a virtual front door is in control of the building.

Additional benefits of a virtual front door include:

  • Enhances property value of the building in which it is installed
  • Works on any size building and in any area of NYC
  • Residents do not have to worry about tipping expenses
  • Photographs of individuals who residents are familiar with and who are allowed access to the building can be uploaded to the virtual doorman. Fingerprint scans may also be required depending on the owner's customization specification of the security system
  • More cost-effective for smaller buildings that do not house a large number of tenants.
Research into the viability of the virtual front door security system indicates that the majority of New York City apartment dwellers prefer this system over real doormen predominantly because of the convenience, additional security features and anonymity provided by a remote security system such as the virtual concierge.

Easily installed by professional NYC security technicians, the virtual doorman appears to be riding the initial next wave of high-tech security systems especially intended for a large metropolitan area such as New York City.
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