Why You Need Access Control Installation and Maintenance?

Living in New York City demands that people have an access control system properly installed in their home, apartment or business in order to protect their family and their assets. While life in the Big Apple is fascinating and exciting, a strong element of crime exists due to the sheer number of people living in and around such a large city. As a result, a professional security company like Vertex Security has maintained a conscientious and dependable business for many years, one that takes pride in protecting their customers from all kinds of criminal activity.

If you don't have an access control system already installed in your home, you should seriously think about having Vertex Security furnish you with the best type of access control system available that can be installed by experienced and licensed technicians. A variety of access control systems provides security that is applicable for any situation, such as:

Card readers – businesses benefit the most from card reader systems. Anyone wanting access to a business must have a card equipped with a unique magnetic strip that relays identification information to the system when swiped through a reader. Business owners can also keep track of who enters and when they enter with a card reader system.

Smart chips – this cutting edge technology permits individuals possessing a smart chip to enter restricted areas. Smart chips do not require users to swipe a card through a reader. Instead, the smart chip reader senses the chip as the person walks through the door. As a result, the person only needs to be carrying the smart chip somewhere on their person.

In addition, users of electronic access control systems never need to worry about lost keys, damaged locks and the cost of key replacement. Because these security systems rely on digital software instead of mechanical devices to operate, they are easily reprogrammable to accommodate implementation of new codes. Any changes to access security systems usually require less than ten minutes. Further, they are also economical because they eliminate the need to hire security guards.

As experts in the field of maintaining optimal operation of any access security system, Vertex Security will regularly check your system for evidence of compromise, failing components and ensure that your access security system complies with federal government standards. Abiding by standards means that old issues are addressed and repaired using new standards that facilitate and enhance the performance of your existing access security system.

Installation and Maintenance Services

To maintain the safety and security of your New York City business or home as well as the people who work or live there, Vertex Security guarantees that the installation and/or maintenance work they provide is the best available in the New York City area. Technicians employed by Vertex respect and care about their customers, consistently strive to deliver excellent services that effectively protect your family or business from being violated by criminal intrusions.
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