Wireless Intercom Systems

A wireless intercom system is a wireless telecommunications apparatus that allows for communication via radio waves rather than wired connections. Wireless intercoms are more attractive to many than their wired counterparts because they do not require extensive work with a technician to wire a building, which can be rather labor intensive and therefore cost prohibitive. Wireless intercoms are also generally more portable than wired intercoms, with battery-powered versions thereof being entirely mobile.

Wired intercoms, however, do not come with a key issue that wireless intercoms do: interference. Because wireless intercoms use government-allotted radio waves, they do occasionally get interference from other devices using those waves. Wired communication is, by nature, completely private – it requires connection to a specific wire for communication to occur. Because wireless communication utilizes frequencies that are publicly available, they are not the most secure form of communication.

To aid in fixing this issue, encrypted wireless is available through various companies and intercom manufacturers. Encrypted wireless intercoms are used for many outfits requiring private communication such as military, corporate, and major sports teams.

Non-radio wireless systems have also been developed and also allow for more private, reliable communication than true wireless does. Using a building’s existing wired systems, these intercom designs use the building’s existing wiring to transmit communication signals. These intercoms use wires the way a traditional intercom system would and connect to the wall for electricity. Such systems are commonly used in both residential and commercial spaces.

When considering wireless intercom systems, it’s important to be knowledgeable about the systems before talking to a professional about them. Here are some important terms that will help your understanding of intercom systems and which one might be best for you:


Paging is a feature on an intercom system that allows one to broadcast one message to all stations in one location.


A station is an intercom unit. This refers to both mobile and wall units.


Conference is a feature that allows multiple stations within a system to communicate at once.


Monitoring is a feature that allows for one party to listen in on intercom communication among stations in a system.
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