Comparison: Wireless and Wired Home Security Systems

With the ubiquity of the internet in today’s day and age, almost everything around us is becoming wireless. Our phones are wireless, our connections to the internet are wireless, and in some cases our televisions are even connected to one another wirelessly. However, when it comes to your home security system, should you go wireless? When weighing this decision, it’s important to look at the pros and cons of wired systems as well as those of wireless systems. There may not be a perfect solution, so it’s about finding which system you think will work best for you and your needs.

Is the system reliable?

Reliability is, of course, of utmost concern when it comes to home security systems. It is simply unacceptable to entertain the idea of a system that might be there to detect intruders sometimes and may be not functioning other times.

There was a time when wireless systems were considered less reliable than wired systems. Feedback, disruptions, and concerns about power supplies to receptors were all cited as potential drawbacks to the wireless system’s functionality. Improper wireless installation also, at one time, lead to false alarms, which were of course a major disruptions.

However, over the course of about a decade since wireless systems were first introduced, many advances have worked toward ensuring that such systems are reliable and do not cause false alarms. Due to advances in the way wireless signals are transmitted in such systems, wireless systems are now seen as similar or equal in their reliability to their wired counterparts.

Commitment Level - Finances and Time

When it comes to home security systems, finances and time are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Although wireless systems are installed with ease, they are also more expensive due to the technology that is involved in their operation. On the other hand, wired systems may present a more affordable upfront cost, but their installation is much more complicated.

When it comes to cost, maintenance should also be taken into account. Wireless systems require serious batteries, which will need to be replaced at a frequency of every other year or so. Typically speaking - if nothing goes wrong - a wired system requires very little maintenance. Once the installation is complete, there isn’t much else to worry about.

Likelihood of Longevity

Before you invest in a home security system, be aware of how long you intend to use the system and whether or not you think your needs will change in the near future. If you think that you might have reason to increase the security on your system, or if you are the kind of person who always wants the latest features and most up-to-date technology, a wireless system will be much easier to upgrade or switch out than a wired system. If you are planning to move out of your residence rather soon and would not want to hand that investment over to a new owner, that also may be a good reason to stick with wireless.
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