Access Control Systems Offer the Perfect Combination of Security and Convenience by Preventing or Allowing Access to Sensitive Areas of Your Building, Office or Business Space.

From standalone solutions suitable for small offices, residential building or retail stores, to complex systems suitable for multi-door and multi-site installations for larger offices, businesses, commercial buildings, hospitals, schools and more, Vertex Security’s Access Control solutions will provide a safe and secure environment for your employees, tenants, data and physical assets across your facility.

A Wide Range of Customized, Integrable and Fully Remote Systems:

  • Keypad, Card & Fob Keyless Entry Systems
  • Cloud-Based Access Control Solutions
  • Mobile Access Systems
  • Biometric Access Control System
  • Visitor Management Systems
  • Security Turnstile Systems
  • ID Badging System

We invite you to contact our Access Control experts for more information about our end-to-end design, planning, installation, repair and maintenance services for keyless door entry systems.

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Vertex’s Access Control systems ensure best-in-class security, safety and privacy while acting as a substantial deterrent against damage, theft and vandalism – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year:

  • Establish protocol, enable or revoke access rights instantly
  • Obtain real time monitoring control of entry and exit points
  • Increase workplace productivity and efficiency
  • Reduced costs resulting from theft, property damage and loss of business reputation
  • Limit access to hazardous areas to help meet health and safety requirements
  • Track frequency and location by specific users and visitors within the facility
  • Provide alarm events upon unauthorized access or doors left unsecure
  • Provide convenience for employees to enter premises via their smartphone
  • Remote 24/7 access control management via mobile or web app
  • Integratable with video surveillance, alarm system & other software


As one of New York’s leading security companies, Vertex Security is a trusted source for convenient, comprehensive and cost-effective Access Control systems guaranteed to secure your potential points of weakness while meeting your specific requirements and budget.

Our company offers end-to-end project management and works closely with businesses, building owners, property management​ companies, healthcare facilities and educational institutes throughout all five boroughs (Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Staten Island).

Contact us to learn more about planning, designing, and installing, repairing and maintaining a customized Access Control security.

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