Proximity Card & Fob Systems

Proximity Card and Fob systems are a type of access control which use contactless smart cards / key fobs to gain entry. The user simply presents the proximity card or fob to an electronic proximity reader, which identifies an encrypted number in the card/fob.

Vertex Security works with this convenient access control technology, to provide commercial customers with excellent security, which allows for better protection and control of access, and restrictions of permission to sensitive areas.

If your business operates in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx or other areas in New York City, contact Vertex Security for expert proximity card and fob entry systems consultations and installations.

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Proximity Card and Fob Entry System Consultation

Proximity card and fob readers are becoming an increasingly popular choice, with more and more customers benefiting from the additional access control and security that they provide.

We offer consultation services, to help you to understand what access control options are available to you, and which proximity readers match your needs and budget. Once agreed, we can go ahead and schedule the installation.

Proximity Card & Fob Readers Installations

Vertex Security installs the latest high quality proximity card and fob access control systems for offices, business, hospitals, schools and other commercial spaces in New York City. We can also repair or replace proximity readers if they become faulty.

Only The Best Proximity Card Readers!

We only work with the finest brands on the market, to provide the best proximity card readers available, expertly installed by our technicians. These brands include HID, Honeywell, KeyScan, Brivo, Paxton and more.

We highly recommend the HID proximity card readers, which are well known to be an industry standard for proximity card reader access control systems. They are robust, simple to use, and easy to integrate.

Contact Vertex Security today to arrange a consultation in New York City.

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