Turnstile Access Control

Strong and Convenient Physical Security

Turnstiles Enhance The Physical Security Of Your Building, And Give You Better Control Over The Flow Of Entry.

Turnstiles are one of the most common ways to control access to a space, to keep track of how many people enter a space, to provide security, to control crowds, and to prevent loss control. They can be easily integrated with access control and visitor management systems for complete security and control.

  • Improved Security – Turnstile systems offer an additional layer of physical security. proficiently detect and deter unauthorized entry. Access control allows authorized entry, while barriers prevent unwanted guests from getting through. Turnstiles can also be used to limit entry numbers, prevent ‘tailgating’, and to track and record attendance.
  • Full Integration – Turnstiles can be used as a stand-alone security measure, but for maximum effectiveness they are often integrated with other aspects of a building’s security system. Vertex install turnstiles which operate in conjunction with entry control systems and visitor management systems to record the identity, time and location of entrants. Turnstiles often been integrated with alarm systems and CCTV for complete building security. For example, when an employee or guest enters your building through the turnstile, the security camera starts working and takes a photo at the time of entry.
  • Operational Flexibility – There are different types of turnstiles, full-height, waist-height, and optical turnstiles. Each of these offers a wide range of options for credential readers, from barcodes and entry cards to biometrics, as well as a number of features, granting full operational flexibility to support your facility. Our professional consultation can help you to understand which options are right for you.

As a leading turnstile systems installer in New York City, Vertex Security can help you with the design, installation, implementation and integration of security turnstile system.


Optical Turnstile

Optical turnstiles are the most technologically advanced entry control system currently available. They utilize an infrared beam to quickly identify individuals and record entries. Optical turnstiles are often used in environments where security is passive and aesthetics are important, such as hotel lobbies or corporate buildings. Physical security can be improved with the additional of a barrier system, though optical turnstiles are often used without.

Waist High Turnstile

Waist-height turnstiles are the traditional choice. They have a fixed arm barrier at waist-height, which rotates and allows entry once a user has been authorized. They are a durable and flexible option with many applications, from employee access control to lobby entrances.

Full Height Turnstile

Full height turnstiles often stand at around 7ft tall, and therefore offer more physical security than traditional waist-height systems. A revolving door controls the flow of traffic and can be single or bi-directional. Full-height turnstiles can be used indoor or outdoor. They offer maximum security, but are not necessarily aesthetically pleasing, and are often applied in manufacturing and distribution warehouses, sensitive government and military complexes, and industrial settings.

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