Full Height Turnstiles

Improve the physical security at your building or business, and ensure maximum entry control with a wide range of full height turnstiles installed by Vertex Security.

Full height turnstiles are designed to offer maximum security when high-security access control is required, especially in unmanned locations. Due to their high level of robustness, reliability and convenience, full height turnstiles are well suited for indoor and outdoor environments, notably construction sites, hospitals, campuses, distribution warehouses, industrial facilities, sport facilities and other high-risk sites.

Full height turnstiles operate similarly to a revolving door with the only difference being that they allow access to one person at a time by locking after a single person makes entry into the system. The fact that it is virtually impossible for an unauthorized entrant to crawl under or climb over them, makes them an excellent deterrent to protect the property from unauthorized individuals.

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Full Height Turnstiles Installation in New York City

Providing complete end-to-end security solutions and holding over 15 years of experience, Vertex Security is a trusted name across New York City for full height turnstiles.

We provide unparalleled support at every phase of your full height turnstile project: from design, consultation and specifications to retrofit, replacement, installation and maintenance for today’s best in class solutions for outdoor or indoor environments.

Our security experts can help you choose a full height security turnstile from a wide range of options which include standard full height turnstiles, space-saving double units, turnstile with bicycle gate, turnstile with gate for disabled access and goods entrance. All models are highly configurable in material and features, allowing us to provide you with the ideal solution to protect the perimeter of your facilities.

Access Control Integration

Full height turnstiles can easily integrate with access control and visitor management systems. This allows full height turnstiles to be used to monitor, count, and maintain reliable access control without the need for personnel, ensuring a more controlled and efficient passage of individuals from one side to the other in the permitted direction.

Need an ideal access control solution for a specific entrance or exit? Contact our experts today for more information about how full height turnstiles can provide you with maximum security and operational flexibility at minimal effort.

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