Latch M Series


Vertex Security is proud to introduce the Latch M-Series, an innovative smart lock that offers profound levels of security and convenient access for all the people you trust!

Top Features of Latch M-Series

  • Smart access using smartphone, cards or door codes (optionally comes with a key)
  • Highest industrial standard of security – ANSI Grade 1 Lock
  • Built-in wide-angle camera records each action
  • Easily share or restrict access
  • Five year mechanical guarantee

Here’s where the true ingenuity starts…

Every time the Latch is unlocked, the built-in camera takes a photograph and time stamp of the entry, creating a timeline of activity that can be easily viewed by the system owner. Data is stored on the Latch M-Series internal memory, and transfers via Bluetooth whenever the door is unlocked.

The Latch M-Series can be managed entirely digitally, and presents a visual-audio trail showing arrivals and activity. You can easily add users and grant access remotely, and provide time-limited door codes for temporary access.

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Vertex Security offers the Latch M-Series lock to architects and interior designers, developers and management companies, and building owners, looking to offer their tenants the latest in security and keyless access.

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