Fever Detection Solutions

Helping the NYC get back to work safely and efficiently.

Vertex Security helps businesses get “back to work” safely with great and accurate fever detection solutions. We offer thermal cameras with a temperature monitoring system to monitor temperatures of multiple people at the same time without personal contact.

Our proven and effective solutions can be used in a wide variety of applications such as construction sites, commercial properties, hospitals, schools and more.

Now we offer 20% off for Fever Detection Thermal Cameras & Devices with quick installation by our professional installers.

Thermal Body Temperature Measurement and Screening System

20% OFF – $13,600.00 (Was $17,000.00) + Labor ($185 hourly rate)

Efficient, Real-Time Measurement of Human Body Temperature

  • Fast, simple installation and ease of use
  • Accurate, Safe and Effective temperature measurement
  • Fast screening without personal contact
  • Measurement of multiple people at the same time
  • Visual alert when abnormal results are detected


  • Longer distance, large scenes can also be accurately and quickly screened
  • The system contains blackbody, and the temperature measurement accuracy is ≤0.3℃
  • Simultaneous temperature display of visible and infrared thermal imaging
  • Real time thermal imaging, multi-target automatic temperature measurement
  • Support automatic capture when alarm is triggered to provide evidence after the event
  • Support automatic calibration of body and surface temperature to make temperature measurement more accurate
  • Support historical alarm record query
  • The whole system is delivered together with tripod, software, etc

 Fever detection devices are a “special order” item.  They come with a 1 year warranty.  There are no returns on fever detection devices

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