Property Management

Integrated Property Management Security Solutions From Vertex Security Ensures Enhanced Tenant Protection, Effortless Administration And Better Insight Into Your Ever-Growing Operational And Risk Management Challenges.

Vertex Security works closely with well-known property management companies throughout New York City offering everything you need to plan and implement an integrated security solution for your properties:

  • Design and installation integrated security systems, include video surveillance and monitoring systems, access control solutions, intercom systems and alarms.
  • Annual maintenance contract (AMC)
  • Connivance Billing Plan for management companies
  • Long-term video storage to help protect against liability concerns (e.g. unwarranted lawsuits and fraudulent injury claims)
  • Comprehensive periodic security risk assessments

We provide state-of-the-art security solutions which offer the highest levels of security and control to meet your specific requirements and budget.

Today’s escalating risk of theft, vandalism, liability disputes and violence has created a demand for customized security solutions. As a property manager facing these growing security challenges, nothing should be more important to you than the safety of the people, equipment and facilities that reside in your property.


We know that each property has its unique security needs. Vertex Security will work with you to assess your properties, security policies, and potential threats to design, install, monitor and manage a robust security solution to help you make smarter and cost-effective operational decisions.


Whether single building, multiple-sites, or large-scale complexes, our remote security solutions provide full administrative access and control. Using remote security management, you can reset codes, watch live video surveillance, and manage user permissions from anywhere, at any time.

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