Multi-Tenant Intercom Systems

Multi-Tenant Intercom Systems

Vertex Security offers intercom systems for multi-tenant residential buildings in NYC capable of controlling 500 tenants and 16 entrances per building. Additionally, this intercom system unlocks doors, is ADA compliant and effectively protects other tenant-based facilities like dormitories, condos and high-rise complexes.

Intercom systems features

  • Open-voice tenant stations equipped with handsets
  • Up to four guard stations
  • Systems that need only four wires with which to operate
  • Emergency call capability for tenants who need immediate help from security guards
  • Card readers or access codes to permit tenant only entry
  • Push-to-talk functioning for facilitating communication in noisy conditions
  • Signaling device such as a doorbell, buzzer or light that is activated when a tenant receives a call at his or her station
  • Service buttons for elevators, lights, etc.

Providing security for tenants should be number one on a building owner’s list of priorities. Tenants who experience frequent criminal activity because their building is not safe and secure will find other places to live that do provide intercom systems, video surveillance and round the clock emergency service.

Vertex Security specializes in supplying NYC residents and property owners with the latest in modern security technology. To find the perfect solution to your security needs, contact one of our representatives today and start protecting your tenants and your assets from vandalism, theft and other destructive criminal activity.

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