Wireless Intercom System

With the ability to connect every room in a home, office or other large building to all other rooms, a wireless intercom system provides instant communication among everyone who is physically in that building at any given time.

Installation of Wireless Intercom System

Wireless intercom systems are much easier to install than wired intercoms, which require implementation of wire connections throughout all areas of a building. In fact, you don’t have to install anything with a wireless intercom. Simply plug the units into power outlets or place batteries in the units and you will soon be able to talk to someone in another part of the residence. In addition, some wireless intercoms are equipped with wireless headsets as well for private, hands-free communication with others in the home or business.

Benefits of a Wireless Intercom System

  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Communication ranges of over 1000 feet
  • Beneficial to those who are housebound or confined to one room because of handicap or illness
  • Business office intercoms save time and money because employees do not have to leave their work area in order to find someone to which they need to speak
  • Easily transferred from one home or building to another
  • Units available for outdoor use
  • Provides excellent security measures for the home and business—keep in contact with others at all times
  • Ability to listen to children playing in another room while doing laundry or in the kitchen
  • It is a nifty device to have when hosting a party–you can have music piped into every room which contains an intercom
  • Wireless intercoms can be implemented in garages or work sheds for instant communication to the main house

How Does a Wireless Intercom System Operate?

Utilizing several different frequency ranges in a similar manner that cordless telephones use, wireless intercoms in the United States integrate the MURS (150 MHz) with wireless intercoms, effectively enabling communication from room to room without wires cluttering up floors, lining baseboards or taped to walls.

Encrypted wireless intercom systems are also available which inhibit eavesdropping and ensure private conversations within the home or business. Since wireless intercoms employ frequencies that are accessible by the public, communication could be overheard by those who use baby monitors, scanners or cordless telephones. If privacy is important to you, choosing an encrypted wireless intercom would effectively satisfy this requirement.

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