Jan 19, 2019

How to Choose an Infrared Security Camera?

Cameras are an essential part of closed-circuit television (CCTV) security systems that use video surveillance to monitor residences, businesses and government installations. Today, most cameras are digital color with infared LEDs, which film in color by day and in black and white at night. Given their ability to provide good picture quality in zero-light viewing situations and other advantages, infared cameras are an option many customers will want to consider. The following information offers tips on how to choose the right kind of infared camera for the need.

Infared cameras bring the ability to take photos in complete darkness. Unlike other cameras, even low-light cameras, which need at least some light to function, an infared security camera can be placed anywhere. Often, it is these less accessible areas that need the most security, which makes infared cameras a reliable solution.

Durability and stand-alone capabilities are other advantages of infared cameras. These cameras usually include waterproof housing and the ability to withstand any time of weather. In addition, they include a built-in light supply in the form of LEDs around the camera lens, which means that no auxiliary lighting is necessary. Infared cameras monitor light levels through a photocell, and activate the LED lights when darkness comes. Even cameras that produce color images during the day produce black and white images at night because they photograph better in that mode in low-light conditions.

The style of infared camera, such as dome or bullet shape, will depend on the use and need. Cameras used in stores and other indoor areas often come in dome style because they can be mounted easily on the celing and rotate to capture scenes from all angles. When using an infared camera indoors, range specifications must be considered so that a camera with a range longer than the indoor dimensions of the building is not used.

Infared cameras used outdoors often come in a bullet style, such as that popular for a parking lot. These cameras, which are durable and weatherproof, may look like a radar gun and be highly visible in order to deter potential criminal activity. Bullet style cameras used outdoors have a long range and can view a wide area, unlike indoor cameras.

Infared cameras are widely used because of their ability to provide security and video surveillance in areas with no light. When choosing an infared camera, some important considerations are whether it will be used outside or indoors, and the size of the area to be monitored. Whatever the choice, in a difficult viewing situation, an infared camera is an excellent candidate for the job.


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