Jan 19, 2019

Protect Your Business with a Card Access System

With sophisticated methods available that can easily crack any kind of password, security professionals offer the reliability and technically precise safety and convenience of a smart card access system. In a metropolitan area as large as New York City, the security of your company is vitally important. Millions of unwelcome people are potentially capable of violating your business’s employee and financial information network. Illegal compromising of your company’s internal data may result in financial and information loss that could be devastating to the success of your company.

Smart cards do not require using passwords or PIN numbers, which are easily forgettable. With so many websites, bankcards and other security-affected items using passwords, people often forget which password should be applied where. This means having to take the time to reset or retrieve passwords, with new passwords possibly being even easier to forget or hack. In addition, employees using company computer networks are often in a hurry to leave work and may forget to log off the system. Or they may simply not bother to log off because they have forgotten their password and do not want to take the time to retrieve it. This allows incredibly easy access to those who are always searching for ways to infiltrate a company’s data banks.

Implementing a smart card system of security into the everyday operations of your company can provide you with a reliable and tamper-proof organization that is no longer vulnerable to security threats or unscrupulous individuals working for other, competitive businesses. Utilizing smart cards also offer a more cost effective method of security, as constant password resets consume employee time and costs, items that could be better spent promoting company business.

Smart cards are highly efficient because they integrate computer chip technology containing personal information indelibly programmed onto the card. In addition, smart cards are adaptable to many different kinds of technologies, so businesses that decide to incorporate this security system into their establishment will generally require little modification with existing readers. Smart card technology is not just for large corporations, either; this security system can be used for companies employing ten people or businesses having hundreds to thousands of workers on their payroll.

  • Other benefits of smart cards include:Inbuilt transaction security measures
  • Cards carry unique numbers
  • Capable of encryption
  • Are able to be electrically modified
  • Extremely portable
  • Instant and accurate identity verification
  • Safe and secure transfer of classified information

Successfully managed companies know exactly who is working for them, who is handling what department and how much information is available to employees. Smart cards provide all of this important knowledge immediately to upper management when employees use smart cards to enter the facility, use computers to access pertinent data and inquire about personal data related to human resources. Being constantly aware of what actions and information is flowing through your organization is the key to a flourishing and progressive company.


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