Jan 19, 2019

What Are The Benefits of a Keypad Door Lock?

Today there are many options for someone wishing to enhance or upgrade the security of their property. Modern technology is rapidly changing to meet security concerns, offering countless varieties of alarm systems, security cameras, and reinforced doors and windows. However, when it comes to combining effectiveness with functionality and convenience, there may be no better option than keypad locks.

Keypad locks – which are sometimes called digital locks, smart locks, electronic locks or keyless locks – are becoming more popular in both residential and commercial settings. Unlike traditional locks, keypad locks are keyless and are instead opened by inputting a unique access code into a numerical pad. Keypad locks are increasingly-popular in the New York City area, and most NYC security and locksmith companies now offer keypad locks installation and maintenance services.

The advantages of keypad locks

Keypad locks combine heightened security and smooth functionality. Because there are no physical keys, home and business owners no longer have to worry about their keys being stolen or misplaced. Likewise, recent advances in technology means that keypad locks are exceptionally durable and are often rigorously tested to ensure that they withstand all forms of break-in techniques. Keypad locks are also easy to install, and in some cases it is possible for home owners themselves to install keypad locks.

Many manufacturers have equipped keypad locks with added features, including built-in alarms that will sense unexpected motion and tampering. Some keypad locks are even Bluetooth and smart phone compatible, allowing owners to control their home and receive visitor information no matter where they are.

Depending on the model, keypad locks can carry up to 30 individualized codes, which can easily be altered or removed from the system. This feature makes keypad locks compatible with small or large families, and allows for easy transferability in the case of new owners.

Choosing a keypad lock

There are a number of reputable brands that manufacture keypad locks, which give you an idea of the options that are available. Popular brands include Schlage, Yale, and Mul-t-Lock.

Schlage offers three unique models in various price brackets. Schlage products are known for their slick and modern design, ease of use, and compatibility with external products such as smart phones. Yale produces “Keyless Digital Locks,” or “Smart Locks,” which are geared toward residential properties and are easily installed by anyone competent in DIY. Mul-t-Lock is world renowned for manufacturing and developing high security products, and offers an array of “Smart Locks” for residential and office use.

It is recommended that anyone thinking of installing a keypad lock do some personal research into the style and features that would best fit their security needs and lifestyle.

If you are unsure about how to approach buying and using a keypad lock, Vertex Security offers many useful services, including keypad lock installation, password resetting, installation adjustments, and general consulting.


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