Fever Detection Thermal Camera System

Exceptional times demand exceptional solutions. Vertex Security is offering Dahua Technology’s Thermal Temperature Monitoring Solution to monitor temperatures of multiple people at the same time without personal contact.

The White House’s Opening Up America Again guidelines ask employers to develop and implement appropriate policies before reopening their workplaces, including monitoring the workforce for symptoms of COVID-19. Temperature checks are among the recommendations, since measuring the body temperature of large groups of people can mitigate the spread of disease of which fever is a symptom.

The Solution

Dahua’s thermal temperature monitoring solution has been deployed in airports, public transportation, government offices, commercial buildings, hospitals, education and shopping centers across the globe to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19.

Efficient, Real-Time Measurement of Human Body Temperature

  • Fast, simple installation and ease of use
  • Accurate, Safe and Effective temperature measurement
  • Fast screening without personal contact
  • Measurement of multiple people at the same time
  • Visual alert when abnormal results are detected

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One of the earliest symptoms of COVID-19 is fever and the importance of detecting potential carriers cannot be over-emphasized. Combining modern physical security technology with platform technology and artificial intelligence, thermal imaging devices present a clear advantage in their ability to convert heat energy into an image visible to the human eye.

Safe and efficient, thermal cameras have become an ideal solution for remote temperature monitoring of individuals in crowded locations such as airports, train stations, subways, shopping centers, healthcare facilities, government offices and more/commercial buildings, healthcare facilities, airports, metro stations, and public gathering locations , where measuring temperature in a short time is a concern.

Leveraging its experience in camera image analysis and intelligent algorithms, Dahua Technology’s new generation thermal cameras with temperature monitoring can efficiently and quickly detect when an individual’s body temperature is elevated beyond normal.

Dahua’s complete thermal temperature monitoring solution delivers contactless and continuous non-invasive detection of elevated skin temperatures. Upon detection, the fever screening thermal camera system will automatically notify security personnel who then proceed to refer any potentially infected individual for further inspection by healthcare professionals, thus preventing possible new infections.

A thermal camera system by Dahua uses a highly advanced reference module, eliminating the need for calibration if the ambient temperature changes. This accurate temperature monitoring technology encompasses the capability to reduce false positives, minimizing the number of people sent to secondary inspection, reducing manpower requirements and improving personnel safety.

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